Monday, May 18, 2009

An interesting Yoga class


Oh how I wish I had an actual picture of my instructor from sunday morning in my ashtanga class. He had a strong New York accent, and his hair looked like a graying bozo the clown. Besides what his appearance might be, I was moving through my vinyasa enjoying class...when all of a sudden in one of my twisting pretzel positions (some position that could look something similar to the image on the left) the instructor decided to sit on the floor and straddle his legs around me. Now you might think that this could not get any worse...but unfortunately for me, my arms were very tightly twisted behind my back and needless to say he brushed himself up against me... ugh!AHHHHH!!! yes yes yes... what you are thinking happened most definately did happen. I felt as though I had entered a movie, a comic no doubt, and I was the yoga student that the instructor was trying to hit on. He continued to try to "perfect" my poses(gag ya right)... and after a string of multiple awkward positions and moments between himself and I, class was over. Oh dear oh dear! I proceeded to find out his name after the class so that I could avoid any future encounters.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mowing the Lawn

Today was my first time mowing a lawn with a push mower. Now you must be wondering... how old am I and could I possibly be the most spoiled girl to have not learned how to mow a lawn. Well I grew up with such a large back yard that all we had was a riding lawn mower. So today as I stood outside, right beside a very busy road, I attempted to start the mower and could not. I pulled on things and looked in the gas tank, and continued to tug, tug, tug, tug, tug...and nothing! Lot of cars drove by, lots of honks, lots of funny stares, and there I stood looking completely clueless and stumped. So I called a few people for advice... Mom answered...and she was as clueless as I was( like mother like daughter). But as for my attempt to get a hold of someone who actually knew how to operate one of these machines...didn't happen, no one answered. From that point I decided to go inside and take my mind off of the damn thing. I began emailing a couple professors and than got a brilliant idea...I WOULD GOOGLE IT! I typed in "how to start a lawn mower" and BAM I got tips of the trade. who would have thought that there was actually going to be specific tips on the internet for that, but technology has advanced so much to provide silly information like that for people like me...hee hee. Come to find out there is a little button on the lawn mower that says "prime" and you push it a few times and it primes the gas. Well I pranced outside excited to try the prime button out on my lawn mower. 30 minutes later we had freshly cut grass and I felt successful! :) Lesson learned... if all else fails-google it!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A SHOUT OUT to all the new mommys!...(aka kirsty)

Happy Mommy's Day kirsty! (and of course to my own mommy as well). He is beautiful, just like you and timmy! A little zebra of love.

cute Miles!