Saturday, January 15, 2011

Squirrel Time

Ryan and I have this amazing tree right in front of our house that he has placed 2 bird feeders in and is diligent about re-filling them for the birds. We have a full view of the tree from our couch, and love to watch the birds fly in and out, diving down to the ground and nibbling on the food available in the bird houses. Well recently we have found that we have a neighborhood bully living in an adjacent tree... Mr. Winston "the Squirrel" we have called him. (We've even named some of the birds... we are total nerds I know, but we absolutely love watching the little interactions in the tree). Well Winston seems to have decided that the tree is his territory and loves chasing all the birds out. He is a pretty agile little guy and we like to think that he is a pretty damn good climber. :) The dogs love watching Winston, and sometimes Winston watches them back. Today Ryan put a couple little pine cones in the tree at various places, and one by one Winston cleaned house. We decided he is probably stashing his pine cones in the adjacent pine shrub, hoarding his little treasures for a rainy day when the bird feeders are empty.... what a selfish little bugger.