Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hiking with the pups

This Video is of Ferguson Canyon during a snow storm. We love hiking with the dogs up Ferguson at any time during the year. This particular day we ran into a real big grumper pants man in the parking lot. He was up hiking with his old duffer dog, and Belle ran up to say hi. We had the dogs off leash, and he was so pissed. He started swearing at us F- this, F-that... and I was really scared that he was going to slash our tires when we got back to the car.... (we did immediately put the dogs on a leash to please the guy...)
This is a picture of us anticipating our slashed tires and broken windows on the car. eeekkkk. When we were coming back down the trail, we ran into him again and he was so apologetic and almost cried because he felt so bad... he said he was "just having a bad day man"...
I had to laugh about it as soon as we walked away because this man was seriously out of control one second and than the next second crying to us. So strange!
Have to climb all year round! Extreme Unction with gloves on! hee hee

I love these dogs!


Dennis said...

Baby Stella was with you. You're a good auntie Meg.

Kirsten said...

I LOVE that you called the man a "grumper pants"! You crack me up meggers. Just love you! xoxoxo