Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our New Addition

While I continue to go to baby shower after baby shower, and hear about the news of yet another friend being pregnant... I will continue to love my animals at home! No kids yet folks.
We do have a new addition to our little furry family though, and his name is Jack... also sometimes called Jacko... Shit head... and my personal favorite is "my little prince."
I found Ryan cuddling him a few weeks ago, calling him "my little prince," and I just thought it was so darn cute, and funny. Ry loves that little creature more than I do (and I love him a lot!)
The dogs sure love him too!!

He likes to sleep right on top of us, and sometimes curls up in the sweetest little nooks. The other day I found him curled up in our curtains, like it was a little tepee. :)
We love him, and think he is the greatest addition... who would have thought we
would have been "cat people." :)