Sunday, March 22, 2009


So..... As most of you all know, I am really bad at getting on and blogging, but I get inspired and motivated about once a year, so this is my blog for the year(there might be one or two more but on average this is about it) I just got back from a fun little climbing trip down in Red Rocks and St. George, It was a big blast, lots of tough climbing and hiking. At one point we got lost on our hike down from the crag in the dark and I ended up with 3 new big blisters on my feet(those damn chacos on the gravel). This picture I posted is a 12A climb on the Steep and Sunny wall at Red Rocks.... no I did not send this climb clean, wha wha.
As for the rest of life, I started nursing school last fall and will be FINALLY done with my bachelors degree in 2010(ABOUT TIME!). I have a new nephew, in which you can view on my sister's blog(because I cannot figure out how to post more than just one picture), his name is Miles and supposedly he just has his first roll over, which is thrilling. Lets see... what else... Well I do have another new roommate, I have been going through roomies like mad in the past few years due to a little thing called marriage. I guess that that's to be expected at this age(and in UT ). I think that I have finally hit a roommate that will stick around for a while however, she has a boyfriend but is not in any hurry. Im SAFE! :) Let me just say that I do feel like the pressure that is put on people to get married so young around these parts is ridiculous. I get it from my mother all the time, she wanted to nominate me for the show the BACHELOR for hells sake. (which is not up my ally). I think I will stick to my rock walls and climbing for the time being, that is my only love at this time! :)