Friday, February 22, 2008


Yes yes indeed this here is a photo of me right after i had surgery on my pelvis. I was just minding my own business one day when all of a sudden this friend of mind pushed me off of a 25 foot cliff.....uhhhh.... okay so that is not exactly how it all happened. I was just cruising on my snowboard with some friends early december and we were all just being rather silly hitting cliffs(and i say silly because there really was just not enough snow cover yet) well unfortunately for me i uncovered a rather large and in charge rock with my a$$. and the rest is history, i fractured my sacrum, and pelvis and was taken down to the bottom in a toboggen(sp?) and an ambulance. some of the most painful hours of life thus far. i wouldn't wish such an event on anyone. i initially went without surgery but my pelvis just didn't heal up, so that is where this photo comes in... a plate and 6 screws later i was laying in the hospital for the 2nd time in a month. needless to say...the medical bills are out of the roof ridiculous amounts of money... why do we have health insurance? oh that .000000005 % of the bill is covered. :p

and here i leave you with a fantastic photo of kirsten!!! she looks like an angel right out of heaven. hee hee hee... i think i may have been laughing at this point(maybe RIGHT after surgery when my legs were still numb and i couldn't feel any pain) I'm pretty sure my pain level went WAY up after that day and my ability to laugh went WAY down. it hurt to sneeze, laugh or move for the first two weeks. im almost all better and should be back in the saddle soon. cheers to everyone... hope everyone else is feeling dandy and enjoying the slopes for me this winter...